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CPU Heat Pipe Heat Sink is one of the CPU heat sinks which is manufactured by copper heat pipe combined with aluminum fins, this kind of CPU heat pipe heat sinks their TDP is higher than aluminum extruded CPU heat sinks, the copper heat pipes touch the CPU surface directly, fast heat dissipation.

Famos Tech focus on CPU heat sinks custom for many years, our factory founded in 2006, over 15 years experience in CPU heat sink customization, such as CPU air cooler and liquid cooler etc.

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CPU Heat Sink Heat Pipe Working Principle

The principle of heat pipe technology is relatively simple. It mainly uses the evaporation and condensation of working fluid to transfer heat, The heat pipe is generally composed of three parts: the shell, the suction liquid wick and the end cap. Pump the tube to a higher vacuum and fill it with a proper amount of working fluid,the suction liquid wick capillary porous material close to the inner wall of the tube is filled with liquid and then sealed. The heat pipe has two ends, namely the evaporation end (heating end) and the condensation end (cooling end), and thermal insulation measures are taken between the two ends according to the need.

When one end of the heat pipe is heated (that is, the temperature difference between the two ends occurs), the liquid in the capillary core evaporates and vaporizes, the steam flows to the other end under the pressure difference to release heat and condense into liquid, and the liquid flows back to the evaporation end along the porous material by capillary action. In this way, the heat can be transferred rapidly along the heat pipe.

What Are The Advantages of CPU heat Pipe Heat Sink ?

Under the premise of natural heat convection cooling, the performance of CPU heat pipe heat sink can be improved more than ten times than that of the heat sink without heat pipes. CPU heat pipe heatsinks have many advantages:

1. Fast thermal response.

2. It can be smaller size and lighter weight to get same heat dissipation performance.

3. High heat dissipation efficiency can simplify the heat dissipation design of electronic equipment.

4. No external power supply is required, and no special maintenance is required during operation.

5. It has good isothermal performance. After heat balance, the temperature gradient of evaporation section and cooling section is relatively small, which can be approximately regarded as 0.

6. Safe and reliable operation without environmental pollution.


What Are The Characteristics of CPU Heat Pipe Heat Sink ?

1. From the perspective of use, heat pipe has the advantage of extremely fast heat transfer. Installing it in the radiator can effectively reduce the thermal resistance and increase the heat dissipation efficiency. Its core function is to conduct heat. It conducts heat through the vapor liquid phase transition of working medium in a totally closed vacuum tube, and has extremely high thermal conductivity, hundreds of times higher than that of pure copper

2. From the technical point of view, the core role of heat pipe is to improve the heat transfer efficiency and quickly take away heat from the heat source, rather than the general sense of heat dissipation, which includes the process of heat exchange with the external environment.

What Are The Performance of CPU Heat Pipe Heat Sink ?

1. Heat pipe heatsink is a kind of high efficiency heat dissipation device with unique heat dissipation characteristics. That is, it has a high thermal conductivity, and the axial temperature distribution between the evaporation section and the cooling section is uniform and basically equal.

2. The thermal resistance of the heat sink is determined by the thermal conductivity of the material and the effective area in the volume. For discrete semiconductor devices with double-sided heat dissipation, the thermal resistance of air-cooled all copper or all aluminum radiators can only reach 0.04/w, while that of heat pipe radiators can reach 0.01/W Under the condition of natural convection cooling, the performance of heat pipe heatsink can be improved more than ten times than that of solid heatsink.

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CPU Heat Pipe Heat Sink Leading Manufacturer

Famos Tech as a leading manufacturer of heat sink, we not only master aluminum fins manufacturing process, we are also proficient in heat pipe manufacturing process , advanced technology and equipments ensure our heat sinks with high quality and precision.

Thermal solution experts support you from design to mass production.

Famos Tech Is Heat Dissipation Expert

Famos focus on heatsink ODM & OEM for over 15 years, our heat sink factory customizes and wholesale bulk extruded aluminum heat sinks, designed and produced more than 5000 different shape heatsinks. If you have any heat sink requirements, welcome to contact us.

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