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A round pin fin heat sink is a type of thermal management solution used to dissipate heat generated by electronic components. It consists of multiple cylindrical pins arranged in a circular pattern, which increase the surface area exposed to the surrounding airflow, allowing faster heat transfer. The pins are often made of materials such as aluminum or copper, which have high thermal conductivity. Round pin fin heat sinks are commonly used in electronic devices such as computers, LED lights, and power amplifiers.

Famos Tech is a manufacturer specializing in heat dissipation materials and solutions, mainly producing and selling various heat sinks, radiators and other heat dissipation materials. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to developing innovative heat dissipation technology, continuously improving heat dissipation efficiency, and providing more safe, stable and efficient heat dissipation solutions for the majority of electronic device users, which has been widely recognized and praised by users at home and abroad

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Round Pin Fin Heat Sink Characteristics:

Round pin fin heat sink comprises a base and a plurality of needle cylindrical columns. One side of the base is a heat source contact surface, and the other side is a heat dissipation surface. A plurality of needle cylindrical columns are vertically arranged on the heat dissipation surface of the base. The base and the needle columns are integrally formed, and the needle columns are in the shape of cylinder. Since the base is integrally formed with a plurality of needle columns, the stability of the connection between the needle column and the contact surface of the base can be guaranteed.

At the same time, because the needle column of the heatsink is a cylinder shape, it is easy to demould the needle radiator when preparing it, which is simple and convenient. Moreover, the cylindrical shaped needle column has small resistance to the heat exchange medium, and the heat exchange speed is fast, so the heat dissipation is good

Round Pin Fin Heat Sink Advantages:

The round pin fin heat sink has the following advantages:

1 .Efficient heat dissipation: The dense arrangement of needle shaped heat dissipation fins increases the surface area of the heat dissipation fins, which can quickly transfer heat to the outer surface and dissipate it through air convection, thereby improving the heat dissipation rate and achieving the purpose of heat dissipation and cooling. The heat dissipation effect is very efficient.

2. Portable: The round pin fin heat sink is usually made of lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy and copper alloy. The heat sink itself is relatively light in weight, convenient for handling and installation, and can be used in a narrow space environment without adding too much burden to the entire equipment.

3. Easy installation: The round pin fin heat sink has a relatively simple structure and is relatively easy to assemble. It does not require complex tools and operating procedures. It is relatively simple and easy to install, which can shorten the installation time of the entire equipment and improve production efficiency.

In summary, round pin fin heat sinks are a very excellent type of heat sink, with the advantages of efficient heat dissipation, portability, and ease of installation. They are widely used in electronic equipment, mechanical equipment, and other fields.

Round Pin Fin Heat Sink Manufacturing

Round pin fin heat sink normally manufactured by cold forging process.Cold forging process is a metal forming process, whose basic principle is to deform a metal blank at room temperature to change its shape, size, internal structure, and other aspects to obtain the required product.

The aluminum or copper heat sink is formed by using a local compression force. The finned array is formed by pressing the raw material into the die with a punch. The process ensures that there are no bubbles, pores or any other impurities in the material, resulting in an extremely high quality product.

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Round Pin Fin Heat Sink Leading Manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer of pin fin heat sink, we have been committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services. Here are our factory advantages:

1. Advanced production equipment

We have advanced pin fin heat sink production equipment, which can meet the needs of mass production and customization. We continue to introduce and develop new technologies to continuously improve the quality and performance of our products

Advanced production equipment1

pin fin heat sink cold forging workshop

2. Strict quality control system

In the production process of our products, we adopt a number of strict quality control measures, such as the quality control of the whole process, acceptance standards, and the cultivation of quality awareness of all staff, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of each product. Our radiator products have passed many international certifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, etc.

3. Efficient production capacity and fast delivery cycle

In order to meet the needs of customers for fast delivery, we have established an efficient production planning and management system to ensure the reliability of delivery time. Our production capacity is large, and we can quickly process various large quantities of orders, and provide powerful customization services. Customers can choose different radiator sizes, materials, shapes and structures according to their needs.

Custom pin fin heat sink professional designer

 We have more than 10 rich-experienced design engineers whom are in heat sink, whether you already have heat sink design file, or you only have a concept, Famos Tech is here to support you from design to mass production, free design and free samples for you to start your project.

 Just contact us and let us know your detailed requirements, our heat sink designer can fast complete the heat sink design , if you already have a design file, our heat sink designer can help you optimize it to get optimal heat dissipation performance and save material cost. 

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