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Stamped Fin Heat Sink

Stamped heat sink is a type of heat dissipation component made through stamping technology, usually used for products that require heat dissipation such as automotive engines, electronic equipment, computers, etc. Stamped fin heat sinks are mostly made of materials such as copper and aluminum, They can effectively transmit heat and ensure the good working condition of the equipment. Stamping heat sinks mainly include various types such as zipper fin heat sink and folded fin heat sink, which have different shapes and sizes and can be customized according to specific needs

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stamping heat sink

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Stamping Heat Sink Examples

stamping folded fin heat sink

Stamping Folded Fin Heat Sink


Stamped Fin Heat Sink


Stamping Heat Sink


Stacked Stamping Heat Sink

stamped zipper fin heat sink

Stamped Zipper Fin Heat Sink

Stamping heat sink

Stamped Heat Sink

Stacked Fin Stamping Heatsink

Stack Fin Stamping Heatsink

Stamping Fin Heat Sink

Stamping Fin Heat Sink

Stamping Aluminum Heat Sink

Stamping Aluminum Heat Sink

Stack Stamped Fin Heat Sink

Stack Stamped Fin Heat Sink

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As a global leading heatsink provider, Famos Tech can provide different shape heat sinks to meet your requirements.

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Stamping Heat Sink Manufacturing Process

Stamped heat sink is a commonly used heat dissipation component, widely used in fields such as electronics, automobiles, and industry. The manufacturing process can be divided into the following steps:

1. Material selection: The materials commonly used for stamping heat sink include aluminum plate, copper plate, magnesium alloy, etc. According to actual usage needs, select suitable materials for processing.

2. Mold design: Design the stamping mold based on the shape and size of the heat sink. 

3. Stamping processing: Place the selected material on the mold and use a stamping machine for stamping processing. During the processing, the required shape and structure of the heat sink are manufactured through molds.

4. Cutting and punching: After the stamping process is completed, the heat sink needs to be cut to the required size. At the same time, drilling holes in the heat sink can improve its heat dissipation effect.

 5. Assembly: Assemble the stamped fins together parallelly or crosswise and fix them to the heat sink base plate.

6.Surface treatment: According to actual needs, treat the surface of the heat sink. For example, anodizing treatment can improve the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of heat dissipation fins.

7. Quality inspection: Conduct quality inspection on stamped heat sinks, including appearance inspection, size inspection, etc. Ensure that each heat sink meets the design requirements and has the required performance and reliability.

The above is the basic process flow for manufacturing stamping heatsinks. Due to the low cost and high manufacturing efficiency of stamping technology, stamping heat sinks are widely used in modern industry.

Custom Stamping Heat Sink Detail Info As Below:

Item Type

Stamped Fin Heat Sink




Standard or customized size


Different Color Option


Follow the design




LED Lamp, Computer ,Inverter, Communication Device, Power Supply Equipment, Electronic Industry, Thermoelectric Coolers/Generator, IGBT/UPS Cooling Systems, Automobile etc.

Production Process

Aluminum/Copper Sheet—Cutting—Stamping—Assembly— Surface treatment—Cleaning— Inspecting–Packing


Anodizing, Mill finish, Electroplating, Polishing, Sandblasted, Powder coating, Silver plating, Brushed, Painted, PVDF, etc.

Deep process

CNC machining,drilling,milling,cutting,stamping,welding,bending,assembling,etc.








Standard export packaging or as discussed


Available. our engineer can check and discuss your design, great help!

Free Samples

Yes, we can provide free sample

Delivery time

15-25 days after sample confirmed & down payment, or negotiated


 Shenzhen/Guangzhou Port

Advantages of Stamping Heat Sink

Stamped heat sinks have the following advantages:

1. Good heat dissipation performance: Stamped fin heat sinks are usually made of excellent thermal conductivity materials such as aluminum alloy and copper, which have excellent thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation effect. They can effectively reduce equipment temperature, improve equipment efficiency and lifespan.
2. Customizable: The manufacturing process of stamped heat sinks is relatively flexible, and personalized design and customization can be carried out in terms of materials, dimensions, shapes, etc. According to customer needs, heat sinks suitable for specific equipment can be produced to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.
3. Light weight and low cost: Compared to other heat dissipation methods, stamped heat sinks are light in weight and low in cost. Moreover, due to the thin material, the heat transfer efficiency is higher, making the cost of manufacturing stamped heatsinks lower.
4. Exquisite appearance and easy to install: Compared with other heat dissipation methods, stamped heat sinks often have a beautiful appearance, especially when complex shaped heat sinks can be achieved through precise mold processing during stamping, and are also easy to assemble and maintain.


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Have a Special Requirement?

Generally, we have common heat sinks products and raw materials in stock. For your special demand, we offer you our customization service. We accept OEM/ODM. For an accurate quotation, you need to tell us the following information:


Please tell us requirements or specifications for the heat sink, such as dimensions, colors, or shape etc, or send us your design documents.


Please let us know the order quantity, because the price is related to the quantity. The more quantity you order, the lower price you could get.


Tell us your application or detail information for your projects. We can offer you the best choice, meanwhile, our engineers can give you more suggestions under your budget.

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Famos Tech Is Heat Dissipation Expert

Famos focus on heatsink ODM & OEM for over 15 years, our heat sink factory customizes and wholesale bulk heat sink products, designed and produced more than 5000 different shape heatsinks. If you have any heat sink requirements, welcome to contact us.

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