What is a heat sink

Heat sink is the device that transfers the heat generated by machinery or other appliances in the working process in time to avoid affecting their normal work. Common heat sinks can be divided into air cooling heat sink, heat pipe heat sink, liquid cooling heat sink etc types according to the heat dissipation mode. Famos Tech is a leading manufacturer of various heat sinks, custom heat sink best choice. 

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Heat sink Material

The heat sink material is the specific material used by the heat sink. Each material has different thermal conductivity, which is arranged from high to low, namely silver, copper, aluminum and steel. However, if silver is used for the heat sink, it will be too expensive, so the best solution is to use copper. Although aluminum is much cheaper, its thermal conductivity is obviously not as good as copper (about 50% of copper), The commonly used heat sink materials are copper and aluminum alloy, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. Copper has better thermal conductivity, but it is more expensive, more difficult to process, heavier and smaller thermal capacity, and easy to oxidize. Pure aluminum is too soft to be used directly. Only aluminum alloy can provide enough hardness. Aluminum alloy has the advantages of low price and light weight, but its thermal conductivity is much worse than copper. So some heat sinks take advantages of both copper and aluminum alloy, a piece of copper plate is embedded on the aluminum alloy heat sink base. But for ordinary users, the aluminum heat sink is enough to meet the heat dissipation requirements.

Heat Sink Heat Dissipation Mode

Heat dissipation mode is the main mode of heat dissipation of heat sink. In thermodynamics, heat dissipation is heat transfer, and there are three main ways of heat transfer: heat conduction, heat convection and heat radiation. When substance itself or substance contacts with substance, the transmission of energy is called heat conduction, which is the most common way of heat transmission. For example, the direct contact between the CPU heat sink base and the CPU to take away heat belongs to heat conduction. Thermal convection is the heat transfer process of flowing fluid (gas or liquid) moves heat away. Thermal radiation is the transfer of heat by ray radiation. These three types of heat dissipation are not isolated. In daily heat transfer, these three types of heat dissipation occur simultaneously and work together.

Heat Sink Classification

Heat sinks have many manufacturing method, according to different manufacturing processes and shapes, heat sinks can be divided into extruded heat sink, pin fin heat sink, skived fin heat sink, zipper fin heat sink, cold forging heat sink, die casting heat sink, heat pipe heat sink, cold plate etc.

1. Extruded heat sink

Extruded heat sinks are manufactured by pushing hot aluminum billets through a steel die to produce the final shape heatsink. It is the most common & cost-effective heat sinks

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2. Pin fin heat sink

Pin fin heat sinks is a type of heat sink with a construction that let pins extend from the base area.It is a common heat sink that with widely use in industry.

3. Skived fin heat sink

Skived fin heat sink is manufactured by a skived machine that shaves fins up from an extruded aluminum or copper base.

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Stamped fin heat sink  is a type of heat dissipation component made through stamping technology. Stamped fin heat sinks are mostly made of materials such as copper and aluminum, They can effectively transmit heat and ensure the good working condition of the equipment. Stamping heat sinks mainly include various types such as zipper fin heat sink and folded fin heat sink, which have different shapes and sizes and can be customized according to specific needs

5. Cold forging heat sink

Cold forging is a manufacturing process in which an aluminum or copper heat sink is formed by using a local compression force. The finned array is formed by pressing the raw material into the die .

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6. Die casting heat sink

Die-cast heat sink use a casting process in which molten metal is pressed under high pressure into a mold cavity. it is suitable for large volume production

7. Heat pipe heat sink

The heat pipe heat sink can quickly transfer the heat away from the heat source. It is widely used for thermal management, normally used together with aluminum block or fins.

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8. Liquid cold plate

Liquid cold plate normally is a liquid cooling plate, an aluminum block with an embedded, coolant-filled metal tube. the heat dissipated rapidly by the cooling fluid.

Heat Sink Custom Manufacturer

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Post time: Oct-30-2022