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Aluminum Extruded Heat Sink is one of the most popular and cost-effective manufacturing, Extrusion heatsink is made by creating profile mold that determine fin density, spacing, and length, as well as base height and width, The softened aluminum is pushed through the mold to form a long rod, with the same profile and size as the mold. Then cut the bar into smaller length and further processed and then completed to create custom extruded heat sinks. This process is fast, cost-effective, That is why many people first consider extruded aluminum heat sink when looking for solutions.

Famos Tech as a leading heat sink manufacturer, provide OEM & ODM customize service , will help you resolve your heat dissipation requirements.

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Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Custom

If you already have a design for your heat sink extrusions, we can help you manufacture them, just send us your design file, we can according to your design to produce precise measurement heatsinks.

If you don’t have a design for aluminium heat sink , only have a concept,no worry, just tell us the following information:

1. what device do you need the heat sink?

2. How much space does your device have for the aluminum heat sink?

3. What is area size of the heat source ?

4. What shape do you want for the aluminum heatsink ?

5. What is the maximum temperature of the heat source ?

6. What is your target temperature ?

We are professional thermal solution provider, we will recommend and design for you, from prototype heat sink to mass production ,one stop service, supply aluminum heat sink samples free for you testing.

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Extruded Heat Sink Process of production

Get Fast Sample With 4 Simple Steps

Send A CAD File

To start ,just send an email, simply fill in a few information and send a 2D or 3D design file.

Analyse and Quote

Our engineer will analyse your design and advice optimal solution if nessecery, then give accurate quotation.

Order Confirmation

Customer review and confirm the optimal design and our competitive quotation

Sample making

we will make prototype samples quickly for you testing,  you can get samples soon for your project.

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Optimal Design of Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink

Our engineers use CFD computer software to create the thermal modules and simulations,it allows you to create a thermal Imaging of your application for detailed analysis. from the analysis, it becomes easy to establish the specific extruded heat sink you need based on performance.

Active & Passive Aluminum Extruded Heat Sink

Ordinarily, extruded aluminum heat sinks are available in two primary types, which include active and passive heat sinks

Passive heat sink is natural convection by the heat sink fins without a fan or other external cooling method.

Active heat sink is a heat sink with forced convection by external cooling method, such as with a fan , when the passive heat sink cant achieve the target , then we can use a active heat sink to meet the heat dissipation requirements.

Famos Tech Is Heat Dissipation Expert

Famos focus on heatsink ODM & OEM for over 15 years, our heat sink factory customizes and wholesale bulk extruded aluminum heat sinks, designed and produced more than 5000 different shape heatsinks. If you have any heat sink requirements, welcome to contact us.

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