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LED lighting heat sink is very important for led lighting equipments, because when LEDs lighting up, they generate a lot of heat, if the heat cann’t be dissipated in time, It will affect the service life of lamps. So perfect performance led lighting heat sink is essential for quickly heat dissipation.

Famos Tech is a leading led lighting heat sink custom manufacturer, we have rich experience in this field, we have produced many different led heat sinks for our clients from all over the world. Please contact us to accelerate your project !

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What Is LED Lighting Heat Sink ?

LED lighting heat sink is a heat exchanger that absorbs the heat generated by the LED module and dissipates the heat into the ambient air. The spectral performance, lumen output and life of LED are closely related to its operating temperature. This is why the LED heat sink is one of the most important components of LED lighting.

How To Custom LED Lighting Heat Sink ?

If you already have a design for your Led lighting heat sink, we can help you manufacture them, just send us your design file, we use our thermal simulation software to analyze and optimize the design, then make samples to test, after confirmation we can produce the heat sink quickly.

If you don’t have a design for your LED heat sink ,no worry, we can help you to design, just tell us the following information:

1. What LED lamp do you need the heat sink?

2. How much space does your LED lamp have for the heat sink?

3. What is area size of the LED heat source ?

4. What shape do you want for the LED heat sink ?

5. What is the maximum temperature of the heat source ?

6. What is your target temperature ?

Get Fast Sample With 4 Simple Steps

Send A Design File

To start ,just send an email, simply fill in a few information and send a 2D or 3D design file.

Analyse and Quote

Our engineer will analyse your design and advice optimal solution if nessecery, then give accurate quotation.

Order Confirmation

Customer review and confirm the optimal design and our competitive quotation.

Sample making

We will make prototype samples quickly for you testing,  you can get samples soon for your project.

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LED Lighting Heat Sink Professional manufacturer

Famos Tech is a professional LED lighting heat sink manufacturer in China. we own over 100+ LED heat sink dies for different led lamps, some dies are universal for LED lamps, if you use our current led heat sink die, can save much cost to produce the new die of LED heat sinks. That is more economical than you buy from other supplier who don’t have the dies in stock, and that will move faster for you LED lighting projects . Famos Tech is your best choice!

How Is LED Lighting Heat Sink Made ?

LED lighting heatsinks are manufactured using a variety of metal forming methods, including die casting, cold forging, extrusion, machining, stamping, stripping and bonding. The most common methods are die casting, cold forging, extrusion and stamping.

Die casting LED heat sinks are manufactured by pressing molten aluminum into a metal mold that is locked by hydraulic pressure. Heat sinks can be made in many different shapes. Textured surface and rubbed surfaces can be easily made by die casting process.

Cold forging is the forming process below the recrystallization temperature of the material, metal is compressed in a mold to take the shape of the mold .it is customary to call the forging without heating the blank as cold forging.

Extrusion is a production process that pushing hot aluminum billets through a fixed mold hole to produce the final shape heat sink. Shaped metal can be cut to the desired length.

Stamping is cold shaping process to create metal sheet parts. Metal sheet is cut, pressed, drawn, and bent into various shapes to increase surface area and cooling performance.

Famos Tech Is Heat Dissipation Expert

Famos focus on heatsink ODM & OEM for over 15 years, our heat sink factory customizes and wholesale bulk extruded aluminum heat sinks, designed and produced more than 5000 different shape heatsinks. If you have any heat sink requirements, welcome to contact us.

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