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Copper pipe heat sink is a device that absorbs heat from a heat source and dissipates it into the surrounding environment. Its main components include a heat sink composed of multiple copper pipes. Its working principle is to transfer heat to the heat sink through heat pipe technology, and then dissipate the heat into the surrounding environment. Copper pipe heat sinks are commonly used in heating equipment, air conditioning equipment, and other areas that require heat dissipation.

Famos Tech as an excellent manufacturer of copper pipe heat sinks, we have the most advanced production equipment and technology, as well as an experienced team that can provide the highest quality products and the most professional services. Our copper pipe heat sink has been widely used in various fields, We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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Copper Pipe Heat Sink Importance

Copper pipe heat sink is a heat dissipation component commonly used in electronic equipment, which has excellent heat dissipation effect and corrosion resistance. In the fields of computers, televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, electric vehicles, LED lamps and other equipment, it is necessary to use copper pipe heat sinks to effectively dissipate heat and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

With the continuous development and enhancement of functions of electronic devices, their internal chip density and power are also continuously increasing, resulting in a continuous increase in the temperature of the device. In this case, the issue of heat dissipation becomes particularly important. As an important heat dissipation component, copper pipe heat sink can effectively reduce the temperature of equipment and ensure its normal operation.

In addition, copper pipe heat sink has the advantages of simple structure, mature manufacturing process, and low cost, which is deeply favored by manufacturers and users. Due to its crucial role in electronic equipment, the application background and importance of copper pipe heat sinks are also increasing with the development of the electronic industry.

Copper Pipe Heat Sink Size and Shape

There are many different options for the shape and size of copper tube heat sinks. According to different applications and needs, selecting the appropriate shape and size can better meet the use requirements.

1. Diameter and length:

The diameter and length of a copper pipe heat sink are key factors that affect its heat dissipation performance. The larger the diameter, the larger the heat dissipation area, and the better the heat dissipation performance. The length also affects the heat dissipation ability of the heat sink. The longer the length, the larger the heat dissipation area, and also can improve the heat dissipation performance.

2. Various shapes:

Different applications require different shapes of copper tube heat sinks, and common shapes include U-shaped, V-shaped, W-shaped, L-shaped, and so on. Its characteristics are as follows:

U-shaped copper pipe heat sink: U-shaped copper tubes are pressed into a curved shape, allowing the heat sink to be arranged longitudinally, suitable for narrow installation space.

V-shaped copper pipe heat sink: The copper tube at one end is inverted towards the copper tube at the other end, forming a V-shaped shape, suitable for narrow heat dissipation space.

W-shaped copper pipe heat sink: The copper pipe surrounds the center line in a circle, forming a W-shaped, compact structure, suitable for small spaces.

L-shaped copper pipe heat sink: The heat sink is bent into an L-shaped shape, and one end can be fixed to the housing. Especially suitable for long and narrow radiators.

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Production Process of Copper Pipe Heat Sink

The production process of copper pipe heat sink mainly includes mold development, cold plate stamping, continuous copper tube pressing, fin bending, cleaning, and polishing.

1. Mold development

Mold development is the first step in the production of copper tube heat sinks. Its purpose is to develop a design of copper tube heat sinks that meets customer requirements, including the shape, size, and number of fins of the heat sinks.

2. Cold Plate Stamping

During the cold plate stamping process, a machine is used to cut the cold plate. The cut cold plate will be sent to a CNC machine tool for stamping into a pre-designed shape.

3. Continuous pressing of the copper pipe

During the continuous pressing process of the copper tube, the stamped heat sink will be connected to the copper tube to form the main body of the heat sink. Continuous pressing is automatically processed by machines, which can improve production efficiency.

4. Fin bending

Bending of fins is one of the necessary steps in manufacturing copper tube heat sinks. In the fin bending process, the fins of the heat sink are artificially bent, making them more spacious and increasing their surface area. Auxiliary tools can be used to ensure accuracy and consistency.

5. Cleaning and polishing

Cleaning and polishing are to ensure the smoothness and purity of the surface of the heat sink. In this process, chemical cleaners are used to clean particles on the surface of the heat sink, and then machine polishing is used to improve surface quality, ensure smooth passage, and achieve optimal heat dissipation.

In summary, the production process of copper pipe heat sinks requires the synergy of mold development, cold plate stamping, continuous copper tube pressing, fin bending, cleaning, and polishing. These links are interrelated and indispensable, and only by organically combining them can high-quality copper pipe heat sinks be produced that meet the needs of the user.Famos Tech is your best choice, focus on heat sink design and manufacturing over 15 years

Copper Pipe Heat Sink Custom Manufacturer

We are a leading manufacturer specializing in the production of copper pipe heat sinks. We have advanced production equipment and technology.

We strictly control every step to ensure product quality and stability, provide customers with the most satisfactory copper pipe heat sink products and services

Copper Pipe Heat Sink Custom Manufacturer

Famos Tech Is Heat Dissipation Expert

Famos focus on heatsink ODM & OEM for over 15 years, our heat sink factory customizes and wholesale bulk extruded aluminum heat sinks, designed and produced more than 5000 different shape heatsinks. If you have any heat sink requirements, welcome to contact us.

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