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Electronic heat pipe heat sink is an efficient heat dissipation scheme in the field of electronic equipment heat dissipation. It achieves heat dissipation by using heat pipe technology to transfer heat from one heat source point to another heat dissipation point.

Famos Tech is one of heat sink field leading manufacturers. Our team is composed of experienced professionals who can customize electronic heat sinks products to meet different needs of customers. We also provide one-stop services to provide customers with high-quality technical support from design to mass production.

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Basic Principles of Electronic Heat Pipe Heat Sinks

Electronic heat pipe heat sink is an efficient heat dissipation solution based on the principle of heat pipe heat transfer. The main structure of an heat pipe consists of a metal shell, working fluid, and absorbent material. The working fluid is usually a volatile liquid with a low boiling point. The absorbent material is usually a porous material used to absorb and disperse heat generated by heat sources in heat pipes.

The working principle of electronic heat pipe heat sinks is to use the working fluid to receive heat at the heat source and change it into a gaseous state. Due to the effect of pressure difference, it flows to the cold end, that is, to absorb material and release heat. The working fluid in the heat pipe will continuously circulate and transfer heat under the influence of the external environment, thereby achieving efficient heat transfer and dissipation.

Electronic Heat Pipe Heat Sinks custom

Main Advantages of Electronic Heat Pipe Heat Sinks

Compared to traditional heat dissipation methods, the main advantages of electronic heat pipe heat sinks are:

High heat dissipation efficiency: The electronic heat pipe heat sink can achieve higher heat dissipation efficiency on a smaller heat dissipation area, thereby reducing the size and weight of the equipment.

Lower noise: Compared to the fan cooling method, the electronic heat pipe cooling heat sink has no mechanical components, so there is no operating noise.

High reliability: The electronic heat pipe heat sink is less prone to failure and has a long service life, making it more stable and reliable.

Wide application range: Electronic heat pipe heat sink is suitable for various ambient temperatures and heat dissipation requirements, and can adapt to a variety of complex application scenarios.

Structural Design of Electronic Heat Pipe Heat Sinks

The structural design of the heat sink is very important in the electronic heat pipe heat dissipation system, and this design can directly affect the heat dissipation effect and stability of the system. The design of a heat sink usually includes considerations of material, size, and shape.

1. Material selection: The main material for the heat sink is usually a metal material with a high thermal conductivity, such as copper or aluminum. This material can effectively transfer heat from a heat source to a heat pipe, thereby achieving a heat dissipation effect. In addition, the surface of the heat sink is usually subjected to special treatment, such as spraying or anodizing, to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of its surface.

2. Size and shape : The size and shape of the heat sink are also important factors to consider during design. Different sizes and shapes can have different effects on heat dissipation. For example, a small size heat sink can be more easily installed in a narrow space, while also increasing the heat dissipation surface area of the system. In terms of shape, the heat sink usually adopts a sheet structure, and can also adopt a porous structure or a fin structure to increase its surface area and heat dissipation effect.

In summary, when designing a heat sink, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of appropriate materials, sizes, shapes, and other factors to achieve efficient heat dissipation and stable performance.

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Our heat pipe heat sinks are made of high-quality copper tube and fin materials through advanced production processes and precision processing. Our products have excellent heat dissipation performance, which can help customers effectively reduce equipment temperature and improve the stability and durability of the equipment.

We have advanced production equipment and technology, committed to providing customers with the best services.

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Famos focus on heatsink ODM & OEM for over 15 years, our heat sink factory customizes and wholesale bulk extruded aluminum heat sinks, designed and produced more than 5000 different shape heatsinks. If you have any heat sink requirements, welcome to contact us.

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